Friday, September 25, 2009

Turns Out Moms Everywhere Were Right

"You don't know if you'll like it unless you try it."

How many of us have heard that? Of course, it was usually in regards to spinach or broccoli, both of which I actually quite like, and have since I was small.

I have always had a reaction to the idea of "hot" yoga. You know, the yoga in the room that very closely resembles an equatorial jungle in terms of temperature. I've always thought that it seemed like cheating, heating things up to eke out a bit of extra flexibility, and have always figured that the idea of "sweating out toxins" was a load of hooey. I had a yoga purist thought about it in which I thought any form of yoga that expected one to (gasp!) drink water during the practice couldn't be good; traditional teachings say that this is bad. Well, at the recommendation of several friends, I finally went.

Aside from being profoundly uncomfortable with the idea of appearing in public in only wearing a sport bra and shorts, it was a great experience. I felt great last night, and I feel better this morning. It was hot and sweaty and a bit strange, but what matters is that I feel more relaxed and open than I have in weeks. I feel cleaner and (I'm sure this is all in my head, I was only there for an hour) skinnier!

I tried it. I liked it. It seems to have relieved a lot of the stress my body has been under from all the running and the pesky life thing.

What should I try next that I always thought was stupid/ I didn't need in my life? Who knows, I might like it.


ashupe said...

That's so cool! Where did you go?

Jess said...

I went to:

I should have mentioned that. They have a 1 week unlimited for $20 starter deal.