Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gotta Share This!

So on Friday, my favourite radio program addressed an important national (Canadian, that is) issue.

Not the prorogation of Parliament or the upcoming Olympics in Vancouver and surrounds, nor even the concern that there may not be enough snow at one of the Olympic venues. Nope. Not the unfortunate recent diagnosis of a leader of NDP, one of the opposition parties in Parliament with prostate cancer.

None of these were the super-important issue that Jian Ghomeshi addressed Friday on his program Q. Nope. It is the intense and significant issue of milk in bags as a point of nationalist pride.

I love this.

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Anonymous said...

First, yes, you're right, he is really cute.

Second, wonder if my blog about milk bags from my first trip there or your blog about milk in bags comes up in the google search. Ha ha!!