Monday, May 19, 2008

The adventure begins!

So I'm starting a blog. Yep, yet another trend I said I'd never do, but here I am.

So here's my story... I'm moving to Canada in August to go to school. My dear husband will eventually follow, sooner rather than later, if I have anything to say about it. I like Canada, and London Ontario is really pretty. But I wanted to document the the process, and especially once I'm there and trying to settle in and whatnot, I want to be able to share it with my friends and family.

So thus, my blog is born.

The plan (as of now) is to apply for our temporary resident permits in Detroit around 9 June (we'll be there anyway for a wedding the weekend before), and then I'll go up to London to see if I can find us a place to live. Hopefully, shortly before then, I'll be able to get our current home on the market, but it seems as though the time keeps slipping away! Then in August, I move, and in September, I start school. I'm excited, and a bit terrified.

This blog will not just be about moving... I'm too scatterbrained for that. I'll also include my dog:
Here he is at Easter. He was not happy about the ears. I thought they were cute. He thought they were stupid.

He's going to Canada, too. I've explained it to him, but I don't think he really gets it.

I'll probably write about knitting:

(A pair of arm warmers I finished recently. I can't get both of them on and in the same picture. And this pic doesn't show off the detail. But trust me, they're fab.)

I might write about running, but not too much, because I know that one can only talk with other runners about running for about 30 minutes before it gets old, and non-runners have a lower tolerance than runners do.

So there it is.

In the words of Tim Gunn, then, "carry on."

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smelk-o-matic said...

I knew you'd start a blog eventually!